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Mineral & Heavy Metal Analysis

Every year, more than 84,000 toxic chemicals are dumped into our environment. Some of these are industrial by-products, and some are closer to home—in personal care products, cleaning supplies, packaging, medical and dental procedures, tap water, plastics, fumes from cars, etc., etc. It’s enough to make a person run for the… but sadly, even polar bears are full of toxins. This unnatural state of affairs is inescapable.

This level of toxic exposure is unprecedented in human history. Although your body has mechanisms for eliminating toxins, the odds are that your system has become overloaded—and possibly overwhelmed—with multiple forms of these toxins. In fact, a leading cause of obesity—at an all-time high around the world—is that your body isolates toxins in your fat cells. This is why it is important to include a gentle detoxification program with any weight loss program. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling, and being, sicker from the re-release of toxins into your bloodstream.

Sign to reduce toxins in your life

To assess your level of toxin-overload, we recommend a hair tissue analysis. While such a test is not perfect, it is the best—and easiest—way available to evaluate for (1) heavy metals and (2) deficiency or excess of essential minerals.

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