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Don’t Let Your Digestive Issues Control Your Life

It’s challenging to go to BBQs or out to dinner with your friends because you know that finding something that you can eat will be difficult. Your choices are limited, and if you eat something that doesn’t sit well with your stomach, you could be potentially embarrassed by the outcome.

Living with stomach and digestive issues are no walk in the park - the constant feeling of bloating, constipation, and being gassy makes daily life difficult.

Your stomach problems aren’t only affecting the way that you feel; they are also affecting your overall health.


As a chiropractor in Seattle WA we’ve seen our fair share of people experiencing digestive issues just like you - from a constipation problem to digestive issues after eating or worse.

We’ve helped each of them find the relief they desire from conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease and IBS.

If you’re like many, a chiropractor is not the first doctor you think of when it comes to your digestion; it’s probably not even an option at all. But it’s been proven that with proper alignment of your spine, you’ll reduce the inflammation throughout your body, improve your immune system and dramatically improve your overall health and well-being.

Proper spine alignment promotes healing.

How To Help Digestion

Ultimately the choices you make with the foods you eat will directly affect the way that you feel, especially if you experience issues after eating as it is a sign of potential food allergies or food sensitivities.

This is why uncovering the foods that are best for your specific stomach issues will help. You can achieve this with our Nutritionist. They’ll help you find the foods that trigger the discomfort and pain, find the right nutritional supplements that your body lacks, and provide you a personalized diet. This plan will be something you’ll easily be able to manage on your own.

Eating healthy all on its own is not going to give you the relief you desire.

The misalignment of your spine reduces your body’s function because it’s restricting the communication of your nervous system with your brain, and your entire body is affected by this. You’re probably already experiencing the effects of this with headaches, allergies, inflammation, digestive issue, and more because of it.

By aligning your spine, you’re not only helping your digestive issues but also the overall function of your entire body. This can be achieved with a non-invasive and pain-free spinal manipulation.

We’ll help you uncover the underlying cause of your digestive issue through various comprehensive health panel testing, discuss your family medical history, and understand your lifestyle. Uncovering the root cause of your stomach problems will allow us to treat the problem, not just the symptoms giving you lasting relief without medications.

If you’re ready to finally get back to your normal life and start enjoying eating out again without the worries and fears, give Ki Chiropractors a call for a consultation.

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