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Comprehensive Functional Blood Analysis

Although your medical or naturopathic physician may order blood work in order to diagnose a disease, most insurance companies are no longer willing to pay for a comprehensive analysis. Because of this, most physicians will order a limited panel. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient for taking a pro-active approach to your health. In addition, insurance companies are unwilling to pay for regular follow-up testing. Without follow-up testing, how can you be sure you are on the right track?

On the other hand, wellness-oriented chiropractic physicians, such as Dr. Amundson, use comprehensive functional blood analysis to detect early signs of nutritional deficiencies, well in advance of disease processes. A detailed report explaining each individual test result and recommendations for nutritional support is included.

Blood Testing

Retesting at regular intervals (for most people every two-three months until results fall within the optimum range; then once a year) is essential for assessing your progress and to make any necessary changes to your lifestyle and nutritional program.

We pass our cost savings on to you! Normally, comprehensive testing can cost anywhere from $1500 to several thousand dollars. Fortunately, Dr. Amundson has co-op pricing options which reduce the cost of testing to a fraction of that.

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